Since 1996…

Founded over twenty years ago, A+I believes architecture is the single most powerful tool we have to define our interaction with the world. Our investigative approach to understanding our clients manifests itself in branding, strategy, architecture, interiors, and experience. Through the rigors of information gathering and analysis, our multidisciplinary teams uncover opportunities to express our clients’ hopes and ambitions.

Brad Zizmor and Dag Folger created A+I in 1996. The firm quickly found itself in the thick of the dot-com boom. Companies not only needed a space in which to work, but an expression of their larger identity to their colleagues and the world at large. From these early days, we’ve taken the notion that information and a deep understanding of our clients creates the best design, and that architectural expression must consider and influence experience within a space.

Today, A+I has clients in a growing number of sectors seeking this integrated approach to design. Whether it be for a tech workplace, an elementary school, or re-envisioning an entire city neighborhood, the information gathering and research that is a hallmark of the A+I process delivers meaningful results for our clients.