Bridge House

Bridgehampton, NY    
12,000 Sq/Ft


Overlooking an organic agricultural preserve, this newly completed family residence sited next to Sagaponack Pond represents a unique collaboration between client, architect, and interior designer. Situated at the end of a long gravel driveway reminiscent of a country road, the 12,000 square foot home is modestly scaled for the space it contains. The orientation of the three volumes signify different functions within the house, and ensures that each takes advantage of its natural surroundings. In essence, the house becomes the bridge between the pastoral, productive farm landscape and the watery surrounds of Sagaponack Pond.


Project Team: Annie Scheel, Juan Jofre, Timea Hopp
Phil Ward, Eliane Maillot, Robert Marohn

Photography: Magda Biernat



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