Marshall's Landing

Chicago, IL
80,000 sq/ft


Sitting at the top of the Grand Stair at theMART is Marshall’s Landing. A+I designed this lounge and restaurant space, which also included conceptualizing its name, branding, and developing an entirely new service model using a new technology called Kallpod™ which allows patrons to call upon service staff using proprietary technology. It is a place that blurs the boundaries of lobby, bar, restaurant, meeting, and workspace.

Marshalls Landing_Branding_Page_00.jpg

Marshall’s Landing offers tenants of theMART another place to work, check their email, or simply relax with a coffee, croissant, or cocktail. (It’s happy hour somewhere, right?)

Marshalls Landing_Branding_Page_041.jpg

Project Team: Javier Moreno, Paul Privitera
Alan Calixto, Ashley Bryan

Photography: Magda Biernat, Charles de Vaivre


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