New York, NY
15,000 Sq/Ft


Purpose is a company specializing in the creation and support of online movements in the service of social causes. When Purpose was moving into a 15,000SF loft space above a former, historic department store, they were challenged that all the windows in the space were 6 feet or more above the floor, allowing only the very tallest individuals to see outside the space.  A+I turned this potential deal-breaker into an asset for the company.


The space is wrapped by a series of tiered work rooms, some open to the main floor, others closed for individual meetings and specific social movements.  A ramp links all the spaces, at the top of which is a large, open pantry and gathering space for individuals to come together for parties, events, and movement launches. Next to the pantry, a board room looks out over the open workspace. A potentially detrimental reality of the space became one if its biggest selling points with the help of some thoughtful design.  

Project Team: Alan Calixto, Phil Ward
Sommer Schauer, Megan Marvin

Photography: Magda Biernat


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