New York, NY
98,000 Sq/Ft


A+I was committed to designing and building something for Squarespace that would translate the brand values into a functional and elegant workplace that represents the simplicity and sophistication of the company’s product. We conducted a 3-month workplace strategy examination, which discovered Squarespace’s need for a design that would allow employees to effortlessly pivot between individual work and collaboration.


At Squarespace, employees wanted the feel of an “off-site” without the inconvenience of finding a suitable place outside the office. So the design expands to accommodate areas the resemble hospitality and residential environments.

Located in New York’s Hudson Square neighborhood, the building was built to house Manhattan book, periodical, and newspaper publishers. Today, the building continues to house cutting edge media and digital publishers like Squarespace.

Project Team: Meg Kalinowski, Katina Kremelberg, Brita Everett
Alan Calixto, Eliane Maillot, Ryan Erb, Tim Aarsen, Peter Knutson

Photography: Magda Biernat


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