Squarespace Portland

Portland, OR
25,000 Sq/Ft


Our design for Squarespace’s 25K Sq/Ft Portland office mirrors the design intent and spatial gestures of the firm’s Global Headquarters in New York City. The challenge? Translate the brand’s identity into a highly functional, elegant workplace that represents the same sophistication as the company’s product. We sought to create an environment in which creativity, comfort, and collegiality coexisted, allowing employees to work in either focused or collaborative styles.


Because the office is located within three floors of a former bank building, historic features were kept in place and integrated into the design. For instance, the vault now serves as the game room, with an oversize vault door and floor level changes kept in place.

Hospitality elements are integrated throughout the space, like a round bar on the ground floor, an expansive light-filled cafeteria, and ample lounge areas for relaxed working.


Honoring Squarespace’s aesthetics and reflecting the HQ’s design program, the project uses a reduced color palette: dark gray wall treatments at the core of the office, dark wood and polished concrete floors, subtle wood accents, and elegant dark furniture meet lighter wall treatments and furniture along the office’s perimeters.

Project Team: Meg Kalinowski, Eliane Maillot
Rachel Bullock, Tim Aarsen, Brita Everett

Photography: Magda Biernat


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