SY Partners

New York, NY
13,500 Sq/Ft


For innovation company SY Partners (SYP), our task was to provide an open and flexible work environment that promoted collaboration among both SYP’s employees and their clients. With this in mind, much of the space is devoted to two large “labs” which use digital projectors, wall-length whiteboards, and mobile furniture to create a fluid working area for large presentations and brainstorming. 


On the reception floor, A+ I designed a large multipurpose presentation room with projectors able to cast onto opposing walls that can also serve as whiteboards. In the center of the space, furniture on casters can be reconfigured into large communal tables or broken apart into separate work groups as-needed.


Downstairs, a large, flexible brainstorming area and workspace includes rails on the floor and ceiling. Using simple partitions placed on these rails, employees can divide and subdivide the space. In the spirit of flexibility, materials can also be used for client pin-ups and storyboarding presentations. Spaces within the new SY Partners office can suit the need to a T.


Project Team: Alan Calixto, Amy Howell
Phil Ward, Jennifer Harmon

Photography: Magda Biernat


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