New York, NY
50,000 Sq/Ft


eMarketer is in the business of making large data sets and complicated subjects very easy to understand through a simple and easy-to-understand visual vocabulary. When they hired A+I to design their new 50,000SF office, we took their approach as a jumping off point for the two floors of offices of Midtown Manhattan.


The workplace is very intuitive, with a reduced palette of black, white, gray, and red, evocative of the charts they produce to clarify marketing research. The most prominent architectural flourish is a folded steel stair off the reception area connecting a series of large meetings rooms with a café and terrace, a visual lure drawing employees between the two floors of office space.

Project Team: Brad Zizmor, Phil Ward
Janet Lina, Todd Stodolski, Alan Calixto

Photography: Magda Biernat


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